Philippines: A Rising Star?

Philippines: A Rising Star? — Article from the Inquirer

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m happy that the Philippines is doing great based on the article above; however, I’m a little bit too wary sometimes whenever there are good news around election time. I can’t help but note the following from the article: “Moody’s Analytics, meanwhile, highlighted the benefits of the anticorruption agenda of the Aquino administration.” I’m not against the administration or anyone; I’m just against people getting us high and then plunge us all back down.

I remember that the Peso was doing well during the elections in the past. Looking at historical data; however, the Dollar-Peso rate has never gone down. As far as I can remember as a kid, it was 1 Dollar – 25 Peso rate, but now, how much is it?

I honestly wish that the Philippines economy will be better in the future, and then none of us OFWs need to go out of the country just to be able to send some money home, and none of us back home will be struggling to live at meager income/high commodity cost.

Here’s one hoping for the article to be true. Here’s one hoping that in time, the Philippines will be able to rise amidst the problems in the country. Here’s one trying to do her own little ways to help.


2 thoughts on “Philippines: A Rising Star?

  1. trainrides says:

    I believe Moody’s, Fitch and S&P (my beloved employer) will not be bribed to upgrade our credit rating, especially an investment grade. Our economy is not of scale for them to profit e.g. the housing bubble in the US as orchestrated by Merill Lynch, Lehman, etc. However, I do believe that politicians took advantage of the recent upgrade to make it appear like they had something to do with it. They didn’t. Although I dare say Pnoy’s administration had a lot to do with it. Investors trust him. He is a lesser evil. He is supposedly better than GMA and Erap. I just hope the recent elections won’t affect investor sentiment. I’m still hearing a lot of good things from investors in the past quarter’s earnings season. We deserve the investment grade rating. Let’s hope politics won’t derail our road to progress.

    • Well, it’s a good thing to hear that – coming from an insider and a friend. hahahah!! nakakadismaya lang kasi, minsan ayaw mo nang maniwala. But u have a point there, if it’s not bribery then it would be people getting credit for something they didn’t have anything to do. Whew – choosing between evil and less evil – not much of a choice really but we can settle for the lesser evil na lang. 🙂

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