Philippines: A Rising Star?

Philippines: A Rising Star? — Article from the Inquirer

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m happy that the Philippines is doing great based on the article above; however, I’m a little bit too wary sometimes whenever there are good news around election time. I can’t help but note the following from the article: “Moody’s Analytics, meanwhile, highlighted the benefits of the anticorruption agenda of the Aquino administration.” I’m not against the administration or anyone; I’m just against people getting us high and then plunge us all back down.

I remember that the Peso was doing well during the elections in the past. Looking at historical data; however, the Dollar-Peso rate has never gone down. As far as I can remember as a kid, it was 1 Dollar – 25 Peso rate, but now, how much is it?

I honestly wish that the Philippines economy will be better in the future, and then none of us OFWs need to go out of the country just to be able to send some money home, and none of us back home will be struggling to live at meager income/high commodity cost.

Here’s one hoping for the article to be true. Here’s one hoping that in time, the Philippines will be able to rise amidst the problems in the country. Here’s one trying to do her own little ways to help.


Looking at old photos and seeing the changes through time — remembering encounters with the highs and the lows, and of shaping one’s self to adapt with the changes. Species evolve to survive. So will I.

Old Photos…

Why I Don’t Update My Relationship Status

I’ve been seeing a lot of updates in Facebook about friends getting on with new boyfriends or friends breaking up with their girlfriends. These updates made me think my relationship status has been null since Friendster.

I know some people who put emphasis on FB relationship statuses. Normally girls do. They’d get annoyed with their boyfriends if their relationship statuses remain as ‘Single’ or null after getting the sweet ‘Yes’. I guess it would be understandable because for others, this could mean commitment — that the one they’re in a relationship with is not looking for anyone else. Sometimes relationship statuses could also help people gauge their chances (if you’re the stalker type :p ). If you’re a guy or a girl, you wouldn’t normally go for those who are not single, right? Oh well, yeah, I guess there are lots of reasons why the field below appears in Facebook and other social sites.


(NOTE: I have to look everywhere in Facebook just to get a screenshot of the Relationship Status drop down values for the sake of this blog.)

Most of my friends are “Single”, “In a Relationship” or “Married”. “Engaged” status is very rare because it is changed to “Married” in just a short span of time.


I’m yet to see “Widowed”, “Separated” and “Divorced”. The interesting part is seeing the “‘In an Open Relationship” and “It’s Complicated” statuses. Seriously, I don’t understand these two. I’m not being rude; I’m just confused – probably because I’ve never been into any of the two to understand. (If someone could explain them to me, that would be great. :))

Nine available values to select from and mine is just null. And why is that?

  • I just have known that the Relationship Status in FB can be updated from “About” tab, “Relationship and Family” section edit button. (This is as of this writing because FB moves stuff around at random points in time.)
  • I’m half a girl.
  • {Several reasons here}.
  • I don’t know when to use the “In an Open Relationship” and “It’s Complicated” statuses.
  • If I’m single, I don’t want people to be wondering what’s wrong with me if I’ve been single for the longest time. Image
  • If I’m in a relationship, I don’t want people to have a good laugh at me just in case my boyfriend is also in a relationship with somebody else.
  • The actual relationship is more important.  Image
  • If I change status from “In a Relationship”/ “Engaged” to “Single”, or “Married” to “Widowed”/ “Separated”/”Divorced”, I don’t want people to ask the wrong questions and put salt on unhealed wounds. Image
  • The right people will know, and they’re all that matters.


– It is not the purpose of this writing to criticize anyone.

– I do post random thoughts on my FB wall (some are nonsense, some are serious, and some are overly dramatic) so basically, I don’t have the right to criticize what updates I see on FB.

– This blog has nothing to do with my current relationship status.

– I’d probably update my status to “Single” if I know there’s a line waiting for me outside the house with all kinds of gifts. Then, I can say “NEXT!” LOL!